Singapore Domain Registration

Registering a domain name is the first step to establishing your business on the web. Choose your domain name carefully as it is the name which you will be building your branding and marketing on. A domain name is your company’s web property. Register your company’s domain name at the lowest price today to prevent anyone else from registering your name. If you are registering a global domain extension .com, .org, .net, and you are a Singapore based company, it is also ideal to register the Singapore domain extension mainly and .sg.


Many ask which should you register, the .com or the domain extension? It boils down to several factors which includes your primary target consumer group. Does your business products and services target overseas customers or just mainly Singaporeans? If it is the latter, registering a Singapore domain extension would be excellent for local branding but take into account of future global expansion as well. If you are targeting global customers, going for a .com or a .net would be a better choice. However most generic and good .com names are already registered since many years ago and are no longer available for registration unless you purchase it directly from the current domain registrant. Purchasing it from existing registrants would tend to fetch a higher price usually a few thousands of dollars compared to just a few tens of dollars from a newly registered domain in the available pool.

The good news is the Singapore domain extension still has plenty of premium, generic names that are still available for you to register. Remember, a short and sweet name does affect your branding and domain memorability incredibly.